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★☆♥ ♫ ♬ Snowy-white, Rosy-red, ★☆♥ ♫ ♬

☆Will you beat your lover dead? ☆


{ { about me } }
mothers, guard your 12-year olds because MERCEDES is back in town.

my name is Mercedes, but you can call me Mercedes. talking about normal things makes me feel uncomfortable. making fun of people is the most comfortable way of expressing my love. i tend to say the first things that come to my mind, and have a distinct lack of discipline and patience. loves video games, 2-d men, 3-d women, little boys, tomboys, neckties, fedoras, yanderes, silly expressions, and YOU!

fandoms: axis powers hetalia, durarara!!, persona 3, persona 4, professor layton, dragon age, blazblue, gintama, watchmen, team fortress 2, soul eater, no more heros, poke'mon, phoenix wright, apollo justice, star treck, bayonetta, the world ends with you, gregory horror show, dorohedoro, k-on!

etc: plurk, jin rp, america rp

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